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Prototype Health

Experience unparalleled care at Prototype Health: where affordability meets excellence. With a competitive price of $50 per visit and personalized attention for 10-15 minutes per patient, we redefine healthcare in Charlotte. Specializing in orthopedics and sports injuries, our team boasts post-graduate training with elite athletes, including the PGA Tour. Your unique injuries deserve personalized attention and a detailed doctor's report tailored just for you. Discover the Prototype Health difference today.

Our Services

Embark on a tailored recovery journey with Prototype Health, where our comprehensive services blend chiropractic care, Active Release Technique, cupping, taping, physiotherapy, full body compression, and Graston technique. Each technique is meticulously applied to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a holistic approach to your healing process. Experience the power of personalized care and diverse therapeutic modalities under one roof. Welcome to a new era of recovery at Prototype Health.

Get Started Today

Contact Dr Mike today to get started on your road to recovery.


Phone: (850)776-3237

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